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MaryAnne Gosling

MaryAnne Gosling‘s life has been guided through a series of synchronicities which have led her to explore and study many different strands of healing traditions.

Her focus in life is raising awareness about Universal Inclusiveness – that the mind, the emotions, and the spirit, are part of healing and transformation – that all healing comes from within – that the body has the capacity to heal itself if given the right conditions.

Part of this focus is an Inclusive Holistic approach to Education regarding Lifestyle, Eating Nourishing Foods, the importance of Water, and exercise.

Her intuitive knowing says that long before a physical illness occurs, the shift in energy that manifests it takes place, first, in the spiritual, the mental and the emotional bodies. And then it becomes manifest form in the physical body, in the physical condition.

She has a toolkit of therapies and uses these to intuitively blend a programme which is completely unique to each individual client regardless of the ‘label’ given by medical or other professionals. These include: Plexus Bio Energy – Naturopathy – Herbal Medicine – Soul Coaching – Nutritional Support using Synergy Worldwide Food Supplements.

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