Touring Exhibition ‘Mi Camino a través del Arte’ – Úna Curley

In this touring exhibition ‘Mi Camino a través del Arte’ Úna shares a very personal six year journey of self-discovery through art which led to a first class honours de-gree in Textile Design/Textile Art & Artefact from NCAD in 2015. She invites the viewer to walk through the pieces each representing barriers or is-sues that arise on a journey of change. ‘A journey from heart to head’. Her work is influenced by her background in communication, personal development and the complexities of language. Her studio ‘RushNot’ is informed by ideas of sustainability, the environment and worryingly fast pace of consumption and subsequent waste. Using mainly re-purposed textiles for their rich narrative, the pieces are quirky, instantly recognisable and…

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St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children

St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children with Maura Lennon and Una Casey The St. Brigid’s Cross is strongly associated with St. Brigid in Irish folk culture. Making the crosses from fresh rushes and other materials such as straw, was a widely practiced tradition throughout many parts of Ireland for centuries. The crosses were hung up in houses and often in stables to honour the saint and gain her protection. The crosses were believed to have great powers of protection against fire, storm and lightning and against illness and infectious diseases. It was also believed that evil spirits could not enter the house where it hung near the door. As part past Brigid of Faughart Festivals, we…

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Circle Dance with Stephanie O’Hanlon

“Dance a Healing Flower” – Bach Flower Dance Workshop (Unfortunately the Circle Dance is now full) Bach Flower Essences free the body’s own healing system and help promote wellness. The Bach Flower Dances with their symbolic movements and music help us to integrate the healing energy of the flowers. These dances work wonders in healing, education, training and personal development.  With inspiring music and very simple steps, everyone can join in and enjoy this experience.

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