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Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage 2022

Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage 2022

After a two year absence due to Covid-19, it is wonderful to let you know that the Brigid’s Way Pilgrimage is taking place in 2022.

It will begin on Saturday the 23rd of July at Faughart birthplace of Brigid, ancient Celtic Goddess, and Christian Saint. And will finish at the Brigid’s well in Kildare town on Sunday the 31st of July. The Brigid of Faughart festival team are hosting Day 1 of this pilgrimage. They invite you to join Day 1 of this 9 day pilgrimage at Faughart Shrine (A91Y771) at 11:30 am where you can register and make a donation towards the running costs of the pilgrimage.

We invite anyone who wishes to join us and walk the pilgrimage route from Faughart to Mount Avenue, via Kilcurry, Toberona, Fatima, Mount Avenue and then through Sally Cox’s land which is according to the late Harold O’Sullivan (local historian) is part of the original route from Faughart to Kildare.

When we gather at Faughart Shrine we will make our prayers for ourselves, for each of the people walking the 9 day pilgrimage, for our country, and for the world in these times of dramatic changes and challenges. Our prayers will include songs, and dances to energise all of us, especially those courageous souls who are undertaking this epic journey from Faughart to Kildare Monastic City. We hope you will come along.

Please wear strong comfortable walking shoes, bring water for the journey with you (8km), sunscreen, and waterproof gear (depending on the weather). If you wish to collect some holy water from St Brigid’s Shrine, please bring a little bottle to fill up. Bring some food for your lunch which we will eat and share at Sally Cox’s house on Mount Avenue.

Tea and coffee will be provided as gift from Padraig’s catering company.

After lunch, we will walk through the magical land of Lisnawilly which is closely associated with St Brigid and the route she took to Kildare. We will bathe our feet in the Brigid’s stream and see some special recently discovered treasures.

We hope you will join us with an open heart, and good intentions and be part of creating a more beautiful world.

Directions to Faughart Shrine – Brigid of Faughart

Le Beannachtai,

Dolores Whelan

On behalf of the Brigid of Faughart Festival

The mural was created by artist Friz as part of the Seek Dundalk 2020 Urban Arts Festival, initiated by Dundalk BIDS Office and Creative Spark, Dundalk. The mural combines the many aspects of Brigid as both pre-Christian Goddess and Christian Saint and has been a huge attraction in the centre of Dundalk since its completion in summer 2020.