Failte! The Brigid of Faughart festival is delighted to welcome you to our
website, in this special year, 2024 as we celebrate ‘Brigid 1500’ – 1500
years since the saint’s death. Our website contains lots of background
Information about Brigid of Faughart, as Goddess, Celtic Christian Saint
and wise woman of the 21 st century.

Last year Brigid was honoured with an annual national holiday – a huge
step forward within the Irish consciousness around the importance of the
feminine holy deities and a moving of the feminine from the margins
towards the centre.

Some of the highlights of this year’s festival will include: Wisdom Talks
by Dolores Whelan (Co-founder), Manchán Magan, author and
journalist, and Mael Brigde, Canadian Poet & Author. A new specially
commissioned poem-mural by Poet, Siobhan Mac Mahon, will be
emblazoned across a building in the town centre.
The 2024 festival is being organised with the active support of Louth
County Council, An Táin Arts Centre, Louth County Library, Louth
County Museum and Dundalk Bids Tourist Office. Their support has allowed
us to offer a varied and exciting program to celebrate Brigid of Faughart.
We invite you to browse through the many exciting events that we have
planned for the Brigid of Faughart Festival 2024.

For more info please email: info@brigidoffaughart.ie

2024 Festival Video

The first verse of this poem, is now a mural on Bridge Street, Dundalk, painted by @signsbyoner. Commissioned by the Festival with support from BIDS and Alan Mc Ardle

We welcome you to listen to our audio program about 

Brigid, Goddess and Saint and her birthplace, Faughart near Dundalk,  Co. Louth


To the north of Dundalk, Co Louth, Faughart is an ancient place filled with a history that is both gentle and fierce. It is a place associated with battles, boundaries and travel. The Sli Midhluachra, one of the 5 ancient roads of Ireland, runs through the hill of Faughart on its way from the Hill of Tara, to Armagh and then to the north coast of Ireland, making it a strategically important place.