Friday 2nd February – Restoring Health with Plant Protein – MaryAnne Gosling

Restoring Health with Plant Protein – MaryAnne Gosling

MaryAnne will Explain and Demonstrate the ease and simplicity of INTRODUCING PLANT PROTEIN (which is Gluten Free)

Into Your diet to Replace Animal Protein

to empower you to improve your health, vitality and energy levels.

MaryAnne’s lifetime belief has been that Abundant Good Health is our Birthright.

Now modern Science is revealing information about the Microbiome and providing the Proof of what the Mystics have always known.

When the body receives the necessary nutritional ingredients and lifestyle conditions it can Restore Health – can Reverse all imbalances or dis-ease, dis-harmonious conditions, including Heart Conditions, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.

By taking Response Ability for What we choose to put into and onto our bodies, we can Boost our Immune Systems, and Improve our Health


Time:  10.00am – 1pm

Venue:  The Outcomers Centre, Dundalk

Cost:  €15

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