Sunday 29th January – The Swan’s Return

The Swan’s Return
a Ceremony/Performance
the Woven

Inspired by the Irish legends of The Children of Lir and the Goddess Meadbh, using storytelling, song, meditation and sacred dance.
The Eagle opens the Gateway and we take a journey into the

the Woven
Trish ‘LightningStar’
Pol ‘DreamBard’
Hilary ‘EarthDragon’
Tara ‘HeartSinger’
through ceremony, performance, music, storytelling and song,
the Woven
will take you on a journey into the mythos of Ireland. Listening deeply to the Ancient ones, these stories are woven anew so that
the teachings and wisdom are available to us at this time. These
offerings are the result of over twenty years of ceremonial work.

Time  : 6.00pm


Venue : Wellington Hall, St Mary’s Road, Dundalk

Cost  : €12 (Concession €10)





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