Programme Details

Programme Details

See below for our programme details and schedule of events…

Saturday 27th January – Pilgrimage Walk to Faughart Shrine

Pilgrimage Walk to Faughart Shrine The pilgrimage walk from Dundalk to Faughart Shrine will follow one of the ancient pilgrimage routes used by local people for hundreds of years, when they walked out to Faughart to celebrate the Feast of St.Brigid on February 1st, or the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc. Join Dolores and friends […]

Saturday 27th January – Exploring the Sacred Sites of Faughart Walk – Pat O’Rourke and Roisin Cotter

Exploring the Sacred Sites of Faughart with Pat O’Rourke and Roisin Cotter Local historian Pat O’Rourke will guide us around the sacred sites of Faughart, from St.Brigid’s Shrine and the Healing Stones, to the ancient Hill of Faughart, Brigid’s Well and old Faughart graveyard. From the Hill of Faughart we can look across to Dundalk […]

Saturday 27th January – Be The Change Workshop with Claire Oakes and Maria Burke

‘Be The change’ Workshop with Claire Oakes & Maria Burke. Would you like to be part of a growing movement of informed, aware, optimistic people with a commitment to real transformation and the creation of a better world for all? Be the Change is a unique workshop that is part of a global initiative working to create […]

Sunday 28th January – Why connection with the Divine Feminine in our native traditions is important today – Dr. Sharon Blackie

A Talk on Why connection with the Divine Feminine in our native traditions is important today   Venue:  Wellington Hall, Dundalk   Time:  11am – 1pm   Cost:  €15

Sunday 28th January – Accessing and Integrating the Deep Feminine hosted by Dr. Sharon Blackie and friends

A Conversation on Accessing and Integrating the Deep Feminine is hosted by Dr.Sharon Blackie, May Coyle, Ann Cleary and Dolores Whelan.   Venue:  Wellington Hall, Dundalk   Time:  2.30pm – 4.30pm   Cost:  €15

Sunday 28th January – An Evening of Song, Chant, Sacred Sound Journey and Connection with Ann McDonald

Our deep longing to connect can open our hearts to the Divine light and Beauty within all things. Exploring this sense of connection through the gift of voice is blissful and nourishing. When we reach those spaces and places of connection within ourselves and each other  we can feel and experience the Light, the Beauty […]

Monday 29th January to Friday 2nd February Touring Exhibition ‘Mi Camino a través del Arte’ – Úna Curley

In this touring exhibition ‘Mi Camino a través del Arte’ Úna shares a very personal six year journey of self-discovery through art which led to a first class honours de-gree in Textile Design/Textile Art & Artefact from NCAD in 2015. She invites the viewer to walk through the pieces each representing barriers or is-sues that […]

Wednesday 31st January – St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children

St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children with Maura Lennon and Una Casey The St. Brigid’s Cross is strongly associated with St. Brigid in Irish folk culture. Making the crosses from fresh rushes and other materials such as straw, was a widely practiced tradition throughout many parts of Ireland for centuries. The crosses were […]

Wednesday 31st January – Circle Dance with Stephanie O’Hanlon

“Dance a Healing Flower” – Bach Flower Dance Workshop (Unfortunately the Circle Dance is now full)  Bach Flower Essences free the body’s own healing system and help promote wellness. The Bach Flower Dances with their symbolic movements and music help us to integrate the healing energy of the flowers. These dances work wonders in healing, […]

Wednesday 31st January – “Brigid Brings the Spring” Garden Workshop – Roisin Cotter

It is said that ‘Brigid brings the Spring’  and in this workshop we will draw on the new Brigid energy of springtime to prepare our gardens for the growing season ahead. We will look ahead to seed sowing, soil preparation, making compost, planting times, plant protection what we can grow in Ireland and much more. […]

Wednesday 31st January – Open Mic Evening of Poetry, Story and Song with John Noonan and the Dundalk Writers Group

Dundalk Writers are hosting an open mic evening as part of Brigid Festival with a strong emphasis on Brigid goddess of Spring, we invite people to come along for a celebratory evening of poetry, story, and song.   Venue:  The Spirit Store   Time:  8.30pm   Free Event

Thursday 1st February – Tales of Enchantment for Children – Anne Kathleen McLaughlin

There will be two sessions with Anne Kathleen McLaughlin today for Tales of Enchantment for Children.   Venue:  An Tain Arts Centre, Dundalk   Times:  10am – 11am and 11.30am – 12.30pm   Price:  €3   Booking:  An Tain on  or Phone 042 9332332

Thursday 1st February – Cross making – Rehab Care with Maura and Alison Lennon

Cross Making – Rehab Care with Maura and Alison Lennon St Brigid’s Cross Making Workshop with Rehab Adult Education with Maura and Alison Lennon.   Time:  11.00m – 12.30pm  Closed Event

Thursday 1st February – A Day of Healing – Stephanie O’Hanlon & Friends

A Day of Healing – Stephanie O’Hanlon & Friends A Day of Healing will take place on Wednesday 1st February with Stephanie O’Hanlon and other healers from different modalities. You are invited to drop in to the Outcomers Centre on Wednesday afternoon to avail of a healing session at Brigid’s special time.   Venue : […]

Thursday 1st February – Prayer Service at Faughart with Ann McDonald, Carmel Boyle and Dolores Whelan

Prayer Service at Faughart with Ann McDonald, Carmel Boyle and Dolores Whelan   Venue:  Oratory, Faughart   Time:  3pm

Friday 2nd February – Restoring Health with Plant Protein – MaryAnne Gosling

Restoring Health with Plant Protein – MaryAnne Gosling MaryAnne will Explain and Demonstrate the ease and simplicity of INTRODUCING PLANT PROTEIN (which is Gluten Free) Into Your diet to Replace Animal Protein to empower you to improve your health, vitality and energy levels. MaryAnne’s lifetime belief has been that Abundant Good Health is our Birthright. Now modern Science […]

Friday 2nd February “Faughart: Border post, Battlefield and Birthplace of Brigid” with Dr. Alison Lennon

​This talk will explore all the battles and the strategic importance of Faughart, ​as well as the fact that it is the site of St Brigid’s birth, shrine and monastery and also as a checkpoint for the Leinster/Ulster border, from the most ancient of times. ​ Venue:  Dundalk Museum   Time:  1.15pm   FREE  EVENT

Friday 2nd February – “The Wooing of the Soul” – Anne Kathleen McLaughlin

May we trust the desires of our heart to lead us through darkness and seeming emptiness towards newness and rebirth? Deep within an ancient well on the Hill of Tara we meet an ancient Storyteller who guides our journey of transformation. In a ninety-minute one-woman play we explore the reweaving of our own stories on […]

Saturday 3rd February – Brigid, Muse to the Cultural Creative with Dolores Whelan

This talk with Dolores will explore the role that Brigid, as embodiment of the Divine Feminine, can and must play in the creation of a society. She will explore the different roles that Brigid plays as she guides us into the deep other world wells where inspiration is found and shows us clearly how each […]

Saturday 3rd February – Brigid, Culture and Transformation with Kate Fitzpatrick

For transformation within our culture we need the power of Brigid’s fire to push through the walls of resistance and open pathways for the deep Feminine to enter freely and unjudged into the world.  Brigid is the muse, the inspirational force, the instigator and the mediator who can bring her fire into society and broaden our definition of the Cultural Creative. […]

Saturday 3rd February – Effective Cultural Change – Davie Phillip

Stories and Conversations for Effective Cultural Change Davie Phillip, one of the original catalysts of the Transition Towns process, will host this dynamic workshop exploring new approaches in making our communities flourish. He will tell his own story of regeneration and resilience and facilitate a café conversation on transforming our local areas. Davie will share […]

Saturday 3rd February – A Magical Weaving of Poetry, Song, Story and Music

A Magical Weaving of poetry, song, story and music’ Performance poet Siobhan MacMahon whose poetry excited the audience in 2017 festival together with Kate Fitzpatrick, traditional musician and story teller and the all female Dundalk band The Periods, will weave together their different talents to co create a ​magic​al​ and fun evening​.   Venue:  An Tain Theatre   Time:  8pm […]

Sunday 4th February – Movement Medicine – Ann Cleary

An introduction to Movement Medicine.  This workshop is open to all and introduces participants to a conscious dance meditation practice called Movement Medicine. This practice has roots in the work of Anna Halprin, Shamanic practice and 5 Rhythms and evolved from the work of Ya ‘Acov and Susannah Darling Khan who set up the School of […]

Sunday 4th February – Creative Writing Workshop with Poet and ‘Word Witch’ Siobhan Mac Mahon

In a warm, welcoming and lively workshop weave your own words into poems, discovering and sharing your authentic, unfettered voice with others. Suitable for all levels of experience. Writing materials will be provided.​   Venue:  Wellington Hall, St Mary’s Road, Dundalk   Time:  1.00pm – 4.00pm   Cost:  €15

Sunday 4th February – Closing Ritual Celebration

A Ritual Celebration of Brigid & the Festival of Imbolc The festival weekend concludes with a ritual celebration of the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc and Brigid breathing life into the mouth of dead winter.   Facilitators : May Coyle, Stephanie O’Hanlon, Maura Lennon, Ann McDonald and Dolores Whelan   Venue : Ravensdale Community Centre, Ravensdale, Dundalk, […]