Programme Details

Programme Details

See below for our programme details and schedule of events…

Sunday 29th January – Pilgrimage Walk to Faughart Shrine

Pilgrimage Walk to Faughart Shrine The pilgrimage walk from Dundalk to Faughart Shrine will follow one of the ancient pilgrimage routes used by local people for hundreds of years, when they walked out to Faughart to celebrate the Feast of St.Brigid on February 1st, or the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc. Join Stephanie and Dolores […]

Sunday 29th January – Exploring the Sacred Sites of Faughart Walk – Pat O’Rourke

Exploring the Sacred Sites of Faughart with Pat O’Rourke Local historian Pat O’Rourke will guide us around the sacred sites of Faughart, from St.Brigid’s Shrine and the Healing Stones, to the ancient Hill of Faughart, Brigid’s Well and old Faughart graveyard. From the Hill of Faughart we can look across to Dundalk Bay, forward to […]

Sunday 29th January – The Swan’s Return

The Swan’s Return a Ceremony/Performance with the Woven Inspired by the Irish legends of The Children of Lir and the Goddess Meadbh, using storytelling, song, meditation and sacred dance. The Eagle opens the Gateway and we take a journey into the Dreamtime. the Woven are Trish ‘LightningStar’ Pol ‘DreamBard’ Hilary ‘EarthDragon’ and Tara ‘HeartSinger’ through […]

Tuesday 31st January – St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children

St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children with Maura Lennon and Una Casey The St. Brigid’s Cross is strongly associated with St. Brigid in Irish folk culture. Making the crosses from fresh rushes and other materials such as straw, was a widely practiced tradition throughout many parts of Ireland for centuries. The crosses were […]

Tuesday 31st January – Circle Dance with Stephanie O’Hanlon

“Dance a Healing Flower” – Bach Flower Dance Workshop Bach Flower Essences free the body’s own healing system and help promote wellness. The Bach Flower Dances with their symbolic movements and music help us to integrate the healing energy of the flowers. These dances work wonders in healing, education, training and personal development.  With inspiring […]

Wednesday 1st February – A Day of Healing – Stephanie O’Hanlon & Friends

A Day of Healing – Stephanie O’Hanlon & Friends A Day of Healing will take place on Wednesday 1st February with Stephanie O’Hanlon and other healers from different modalities. You are invited to drop in to the Outcomers Centre on Wednesday afternoon to avail of a healing session at Brigid’s special time.   Venue : […]

Wednesday 1st February – Celebration of Brigid through music and prayer with Deirdre Ni Chinneide, Fr. Tom Hamill and Friends

Celebration of Brigid through prayer and music Deirdre Ni Chinneide and friends, together with Fr. Tom Hamill will facilitate a special celebration of Brigid, Goddess and Saint for St.Brigid’s Day through music and prayer. This will take place in The Oratory, Faughart on Wednesday 1st February at 1pm. We invite you to join us in […]

Wednesday 1st February – Armagh Rhymers

A ritual performance by The Armagh Rhymers in the housevisiting style of Wren Boys, Strawmen, Mummers, Biddymen, Mollies, Ribbonmen, Skettlers, Guisers, Gallochians, and Wildermen. Masks by James Mulholland, Paul Carville, Bob Johnston, Peter J Shortall and costumes by Anne Hart.  Instruments include pipes, fiddle, concertina, bones, bodhrans, bells and the jaw bone of an ass.  Songs, tunes, stories, rhymes, drama and haiku complete the picture.   Venue:  An Táin […]

Thursday 2nd February – Healthy Foods to Nourish Body & Soul – MaryAnne Gosling

Healthy Foods to Nourish Body & Soul Workshop with Holistic Practitioner – MaryAnne Gosling MaryAnne’s workshop will give you the opportunity to experience how being fully in the present moment allows your Self to communicate with you in ways that you may have been tempted to deny in the past. MaryAnne will explain how making […]

Thursday 2nd February – Cross making – Rehab Care with Maura and Alison Lennon

Cross Making – Rehab Care with Maura and Alison Lennon St Brigid’s Cross Making Workshop with Rehab Adult Education with Maura and Alison Lennon.   Time:  11.00m – 12.30pm  Closed Event

Thursday 2nd February – The Work that Reconnects – Dolores Whelan

‘The Work that Reconnects’ An Introductory Workshop with Dolores Whelan We live in a time of a planetary crisis and opportunity. Joanna Macy, the root teacher of the Work That Reconnects, refers to this as the Great Turning and describes it as “the essential adventure of our time: the shift from the industrial growth society […]

Friday 3rd February – Be The Change Workshop with Claire Oakes & Maria Burke

‘Be The change’ Workshop with Claire Oakes & Maria Burke. Would you like to be part of a growing movement of informed, aware, optimistic people with a commitment to real transformation and the creation of a better world for all? Be the Change is a unique workshop that is part of a global initiative working to create […]

Friday 3rd February – Celebrate The Gift of Voice with Ann McDonald

Celebrate The Gift of Voice, singing the soul home, with Ann McDonald.   We will come together in celebration of Goddess Brigid and the blessings of Imbolc, weaving the web of our lives through the gift of voice.  We will sing our soul songs, explore sound and vibration and the limitless potential and healing that […]

Friday 3rd February – Luka Bloom in Concert

The Brigid of Faughart Festival 2017 is very pleased to welcome Luka Bloom, a long time follower of Brigid. Marking 10 years of the Festival we are delighted to invite Luka’s show close to her birthplace – Faughart, Dundalk, Co Louth. His ability as a performer has received phenomenal praise, which has resulted in sell-out […]

Saturday 4th February – The Festival of Imbolc within the Celtic Year with Dolores Whelan

The Festival of Imbolc is associated with Brigid as she roams the earth reawakening the life force (neart) bringing new possibilities and new life to everything she touches.  This talk will explore the energies of Imbolc,  and its position within the Celtic Year calendar.  It will outline the gifts and the challenges it brings to […]

Saturday 4th February – Gathering Wisdom – Leading Forward

Exploring the role of the feminine values of Brigid in the creation of a new society  Join this creative exploration of the values and qualities that Brigid lived and how they can help us live and lead in a new way. Weaving these possibilities through conversation, stories, myths, movement and making, together we will seek […]

Saturday 4th February – Relax Kids (Age group 4-8) with Joanne Callan

Relax Kids Coach Joanne Callan will take children through a 7 step relaxation  journey as they weave through the story of Brigid.   Relax Kids can help improve Focus & Concentration Creativity Imagination Self worth & self-esteem Awareness of Feeling & emotions Awareness of others Self awareness Positivity Confidence Sense of health and wellbeing   […]

Saturday 4th February – An Evening of Spoken Word with Siobhan MacMahon and Dundalk Writers Group

This evening of poetry and spoken word will feature the work of local poets Jean Connolly, Marian Brannigan, Brid McDonnell and John Noonan from the Dundalk Writers Group, plus a special guest performance by Siobhan MacMahon. Siobhan is a Irish performance poet, playwright and poetry activist living in Yorkshire. Her poems, powerful, moving and often funny, celebrate […]

Sunday 5th February – Exploring the Sacred Places of Faughart – Pat O’Rourke

Exploring the Sacred Sites of Faughart with Pat O’Rourke Local historian Pat O’Rourke will guide us around the sacred sites of Faughart, from St.Brigid’s Shrine and the Healing Stones, to the ancient Hill of Faughart, Brigid’s Well and old Faughart graveyard. From the Hill of Faughart we can look across to Dundalk Bay, forward to […]

Sunday 5th February – Movement Medicine with Ann Cleary

Movement Medicine evolved from the work of Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan and their life long study and practice of dance meditation.  It is a conscious dance practice, integrating shamanic, therapeutic, scientific and artistic intelligence.  The practice reconnects heart, body, mind and soul and reminds us of our relationship to the living planet.      […]

Sunday 5th February – Wild Wisdom a Creative Writing Workshop with Siobhan Mac Mahon

Wild Wisdom Women writing their way home…. ‘Opened a door which I had kept shut – Inspirational, an awakening’ ‘I’ve rediscovered some deeply hidden joy and creativity that has been masked for far too long!’   An invitation to celebrate, liberate and remember the wild woman within through creative writing; giving voice to the wisdom […]

Sunday 5th February – Closing Ritual Celebration

A Ritual Celebration of Brigid & the Festival of Imbolc The festival weekend concludes with a ritual celebration of the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc and Brigid breathing life into the mouth of dead winter.   Facilitators : May Coyle, Stephanie O’Hanlon, Maura Lennon, Ann McDonald and Dolores Whelan   Venue : Ravensdale Community Centre, Ravensdale, Dundalk, […]