Brigid, Culture and Transformation with Kate Fitzpatrick

For transformation within our culture we need the power of Brigid’s fire to push through the walls of resistance and open pathways for the deep Feminine to enter freely and unjudged into the world.  Brigid is the muse, the inspirational force, the instigator and the mediator who can bring her fire into society and broaden our definition of the Cultural Creative. How can we draw on Brigid’s wisdom to support women everywhere to take their rightful places in the evolution of our culture?   Kate Fitzpatrick is a myth-writer, musician and a spiritual teacher. She is author of the best-selling book Macha’s Twins A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess. Kate leads retreats and sacred journeys around Ireland. Her work is shamanic, poetic and experiential. She digs deep into the feminine…

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Effective Cultural Change – Davie Phillip

Stories and Conversations for Effective Cultural Change Davie Phillip, one of the original catalysts of the Transition Towns process, hosts dynamic workshops exploring new approaches in making our communities flourish. Davie tells his own story of regeneration and resilience and facilitates café conversations on transforming our local areas. Davie shares lessons from Cloughjordan Ecovillage where he is based and from Cultivate’s work over the last 20 years.

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Movement Medicine with Ann Cleary

An introduction to Movement Medicine.  This workshop is open to all and introduces participants to a conscious dance meditation practice called Movement Medicine. This practice has roots in the work of Anna Halprin, Shamanic practice and 5 Rhythms and evolved from the work of Ya ‘Acov and Susannah Darling Khan who set up the School of Movement Medicine   It is a dance based spiritual and meditation practice that brings us home to our bodies and our connection to life. This session focuses on finding and expressing the embodied feminine in all of us whether we are male or female C

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