“The Wooing of the Soul” – Anne Kathleen McLaughlin

May we trust the desires of our heart to lead us through darkness and seeming emptiness towards newness and rebirth? Deep within an ancient well on the Hill of Tara we meet an ancient Storyteller who guides our journey of transformation. In a ninety-minute one-woman play we explore the reweaving of our own stories on the loom of the ancient Celtic Tale, “The Wooing of Etain.” “The Wooing of the Soul” Written and performed by Anne Kathleen McLaughlin

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Brigid, Muse to the Cultural Creative with Dolores Whelan

This talk with Dolores explores the role that Brigid, as embodiment of the Divine Feminine, can and must play in the creation of a society. She will explore the different roles that Brigid plays as she guides us into the deep other world wells where inspiration is found and shows us clearly how each of us can bring this inspiration into creative actions in our current lives, reflecting the uniqueness of our gifts and personal circumstances.

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Brigid, Culture and Transformation with Kate Fitzpatrick

For transformation within our culture we need the power of Brigid’s fire to push through the walls of resistance and open pathways for the deep Feminine to enter freely and unjudged into the world.  Brigid is the muse, the inspirational force, the instigator and the mediator who can bring her fire into society and broaden our definition of the Cultural Creative. How can we draw on Brigid’s wisdom to support women everywhere to take their rightful places in the evolution of our culture?   Kate Fitzpatrick is a myth-writer, musician and a spiritual teacher. She is author of the best-selling book Macha’s Twins A Spiritual Journey with the Celtic Horse Goddess. Kate leads retreats and sacred journeys around Ireland. Her work is shamanic, poetic and experiential. She digs deep into the feminine…

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