Brigid of Faughart – Wise Guide for Modern Soul Seekers by Dolores Whelan

Faughart near Dundalk Co Louth is an ancient place filled with a history that is both gentle and fierce. It is a place associated with battles, boundaries and travel. The Sli Midhluachra, one of the 5 ancient roads of Ireland, runs through the hill of Faughart on its way from the Hill of Tara to Armagh and then to the north coast of Ireland, making it an strategically important place. However, Faughart is also a place of deep peace, tranquillity, beauty and healing, being associated from ancient times with Brigid, Pre-Christian Goddess and Christian Saint. Brigid holds the energy of the Divine Feminine within the Celtic Spiritual tradition. The mystical woman St. Moneena was also associated with Faughart…

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Brigid of Faughart Mural

We were thrilled to be involved in the development of the new Brigid of Faughart Mural created in Bridge Street, Dundalk as part of the SEEK Visual Arts Festival in August 2020. The mural was created by the wonderfully talented artist Friz, who is based in Belfast and who managed to incorporate so many aspects of Brigid as both Christian Saint and Pre-Christian Goddess in this exciting new artwork. The mural is located in Bridge Street in Dundalk, which is the street that local people would have passed along, when walking out to Faughart for the annual St.Brigid's Day celebrations - a very fitting location indeed. We wish to thank all involved in organising the fantastic SEEK art…

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Festival Newsletter for Imbolc 2021

Greetings from Faughart (near Dundalk) regarded as the birthplace of Brigid in her Celtic Christian form 425 CE. However, Brigid has been a part of the spiritual landscape of this island for much longer. Brigid in her many forms over the millennium is associated with many places in Ireland...especially Faughart her birthplace and Kildare the site of her abbey. Brigid is a pre-Christian, pre-Celtic Goddess who embodies different energetic forms, maiden mother and Cailleach, at different times in the year. Brigid represents the Divine feminine within the many spiritual traditions that have evolved in Ireland over the many millennia. At Imbolc we celebrate the young vibrant Brigid who blazes through the land releasing it from winter sleep and…

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