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At St. Brigid’s Shrine, Faughart The 42nd Annual Candlelight Procession from Faughart Cemetary to St. Brigid’s Shrine at 8.00PM on Thursday 1st February 2018 The procession forms up at Faughart Old Cemetery on the summit of Faughart Hill and following prayers and blessing of fire, traverses the two kilometre route leading to St. Brigid’s Stream […]

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Geraldine walking down

Saturday 27th January – Exploring the Sacred Sites of Faughart Walk – Pat O’Rourke and Roisin Cotter

Exploring the Sacred Sites of Faughart with Pat O’Rourke and Roisin Cotter Local historian Pat O’Rourke will guide us around the sacred sites of Faughart, from St.Brigid’s Shrine and the Healing Stones, to the ancient Hill of Faughart, Brigid’s Well and old Faughart graveyard. From the Hill of Faughart we can look across to Dundalk […]

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St.Brigid's Cross Making Workshop in Dulargy School, Festival 2013

Wednesday 31st January – St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children

St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops for School Children with Maura Lennon and Una Casey The St. Brigid’s Cross is strongly associated with St. Brigid in Irish folk culture. Making the crosses from fresh rushes and other materials such as straw, was a widely practiced tradition throughout many parts of Ireland for centuries. The crosses were […]

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Centre Piece of Ritual

Sunday 4th February – Closing Ritual Celebration

A Ritual Celebration of Brigid & the Festival of Imbolc The festival weekend concludes with a ritual celebration of the ancient Celtic Festival of Imbolc and Brigid breathing life into the mouth of dead winter.   Facilitators : May Coyle, Stephanie O’Hanlon, Maura Lennon, Ann McDonald and Dolores Whelan   Venue : Ravensdale Community Centre, Ravensdale, Dundalk, […]

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Faughart – A Sacred Landscape by Dolores Whelan

Faughart, near Dundalk Co Louth, is an ancient place filled with a history that is both gentle and fierce. It is a place associated with battles, boundaries and travel. The Sli Midhluachra, one of the 5 ancient roads of Ireland, runs through the Hill of Faughart on its way  from Tara to Armagh and to […]

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St. Brigid copy

The Giving by Frances Cotter

The Giving   So I was given the gift of land the size of my cloak. I wanted to damn the meanness of the man.   Snakes writhed and scorpions glistened in the dark caves of me. But I spread my cloak, on their reptilian heads. I spread a shimmering green upon them and the […]

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On the Week Before the Brigidine Festival by Brid McDonnell

On the Week before the Brigidine Festival. Brigid, my namesake, how I wonder about you, The all-embracing goddess and the saint. What is it about you that is burning bright again, After millennia of continuous flame. Unforgettable your lasting love, your poverty, your healing. Bristling through place, space, time immemorial. As you initiate your monastery […]

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Cross Making with May Maura Aisling Roisin Web size

Maura Lennon

St. Brigid’s Cross Making Workshops Maura Lennon is a native of Faughart Parish and grew up just a few miles from St.Brigid’s Shrine. Maura has been making St. Brigid’s Crosses since childhood and has a host of wonderful stories about visiting the Shrine and Hill of Faughart as a child and taking part in all […]

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Stephanie O’Hanlon

‘Dance a Healing Flower’ Bach Flower Dance Workshop Stephanie O’Hanlon had her first experience of Circle Dance as a child. Since then Stephanie has trained and worked in Dance, Ritual and Meditation. She has trained and worked extensively with Martine Winnington, Switzerland, in the Bach Flower Remedy Dances. These dances work wonders in healing, education, […]

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Dolores Whelan

Dolores Whelan

‘Brigid-a Woman of Vision, Vocation and Destiny… How can she guide us today?’ Dolores Whelan has been involved with education all her adult life, initially as a Biochemistry Lecturer and for the past 25 years as an educator and spiritual guide. She holds an M.Sc. in Biochemistry from Trinity College Dublin and an M.A. in […]

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May Coyle

A Ritual Celebration of Brigid and the Festival of Imbolc  May Coyle, originally from the West of Ireland, has lived in North Louth for many years. She has been a spiritual teacher for over 30 years using art, music and dance to free the spirit to celebrate life in all its wonder. She has a […]

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